WiseCloud—OTT Integrated Service Solution

 1. Product introduction

 Independently developed by Sowell, WiseCloud is a solution to OTT integrated service characterized by high concurrency and extensibility, including DCMP media databank system, BOSS operation support system, CMS content management system, AAA unified online authentication system, PortalMS portal management system, PortalCore portal docking system, etc., and supporting OTT multi-screen information interaction and rapid docking of content providers and capacity system. Its architecture is shown below (PS: Please modify it to adapt to the style of official website):

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 2. Product strengths

 2.1 Multi-screen information sharing

 It has been a social phenomenon that multiple screens exist in a modern family, such as TV, mobile phone, and PAD, and information sharing between these screens has been a kind of social demand.

 Scenario: User A watches Crazy Animal City on mobile phone to the point of 40 min. in bedroom. After A gets up, A can continue to watch Crazy Animal City via STB (set top box) in living room. The system supports automatic continuous playback, so that the user does not need to drag or fast forward to the point of 40 min. WiseCloud will record the user’s tag in its cloud. After switching to STB, the user may query the previous tag record and choose to continue watching or to re-watch the program. A traditional video playback service requires users to make independent choices on different platforms.

 2.2 Perfect membership system

 WiseCloud connects STB to member accounts, which may be bound to STB to realize multi-screen information sharing and member benefits association. The system is capable of controlling the number of simultaneously online devices for the same member account. A product purchased by the same member account may be shared by different terminals. The system provides unified certification, authentication, and accounting functions, and supports online payment and Sowell activation code payment. Members may view their consumption conditions in the personal center.

 The system provides a backend management interface, through which the administrator may query and manage member information, including enabling and disabling a member account. At the same time, the administrator may allocate authentication information to test accounts, without following the real payment process.

 2.3 Diversified product-marketing strategies

 WiseCloud supports more than one product-marketing strategy and flexible extension. Specific marketing strategies, either single or mixed, and their strengths and weaknesses are listed below:

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 2.4 Customized portal showing strategy

 At the beginning of design, WiseCloud portal management system considered multiple service showing requirements of the same OTT platform. For this reason, it introduces the concept of portal. To be simple, one portal may correspond to one APP. Various APPs may show both the content of different providers and different content of the same provider. At the same time, in order to reduce the management cost, portal management system supports column copying inside portal and between portals. It also provides refined authorization control of the copy content. WiseCloud may realize the ultra-large integration of unified platform with multiple showing forms.

 2.5 Flexible content access

 WiseCloud provide independent account information for each content provider. The content provider may introduce its video resources via our media databank management system. Different content providers are mutually independent specific to content operations. WiseCloud provides the media databank client in C/S mode. A content provider may either upload its content via this client, or access the platform via API docking.

 2.6 Integration of extensible capacities

 WiseCloud capacity integration is mainly reflected by content injection and playback entry. The content management system has injection strategy configuration corresponding to content injection, and it may configure the injected network elements all alone. Extending an injection method requires extended types of network element only. Different network elements of the same type may be rapidly accessed, without custom development.

 With playback entry, i.e., URL address, independently generated by PortalCore, WiseCloud may exist dynamically according to the rule of push flow capacity network elements. Its security chain mechanism is also independently integrated in PortalCore.

 3. Function introduction of solution to OTT integrated service

 3.1 Introduction of DCMP system

 DCMP media databank management system:

① Provide a C/S client, independent account, and refined authentication control for each content provider;

② Provide the administrator with B/S management end, independent account, and refined authentication control, to control the content distribution strategies of content providers;

③ The media databank management system backend supports distributed deployment, and may be flexibly extended;

④ Operation logs may be traced back;

 3.2 Introduction of CMS system

 CMS content management system:

① Provide management of VOD resources, including review mechanism;

② VOD resources are injected into the push flow capacity system, for example, CDN;

③ Support allocation of injection strategies;

④ Allocation of live resources;

⑤ Operation logs may be traced back;

 3.3 Introduction of BOSS system

 BOSS operation support system:

① Manage the operational products, including pricing information;

② Support product packages for sales;

③ Support member account management;

④ Support management of meeting authentication information;

⑤ Support management of OTT STB information;

⑥ Operation logs may be traced back;

 3.4 Introduction of PortalMS system

 PortalMS portal management system:

① Support portal management, and realize personalization by means of multiple portals;

② Support management of columns under portal and multiple column types such as VOD, live TV, review, and special subject;

③ Support management of posids under portal, and these posids may be flexibly scheduled to realize recommendation;

④ Support manual listing, automatic listing and canceling, and realize unmanned operations by defining listing and cancelling rules;

⑤ Operation logs may be traced back;

 3.5 Introduction of AAA system

 AAA unified authentication and charging system: The high-concurrency and extensible core online system does not provides direct external services, but provides external services through PortalCore.

 3.6 Introduction of PortalCore system

 PortalCore portal docking system: Different terminal products are uniformly docked through this system—core online system—of high concurrency and extensibility.

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