OTT Video Coding Solution

 1. Product introduction

The solution to OTT video coding is a one-stop audio and video coding solution integrating audio/video uploading, automatic transcoding processing, transcoding monitor system, and transcoding scheduling system. It realizes user-defined control of transcoding modes by means of flexible and efficient processing, helping developers rapidly setting up a platform for distributed transcoding and media-flow smart slice transcoding and improving the transcoding efficiency greatly.

 2. Product structure

Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd.

 3. Product strengths

 3.1 One-stop

After a user uploads a video document and selects the transcoding format and bit-rate in a user-defined way, the server automatically transcodes the video and outputs the finished video to the cloud storage server. This is a simple and convenient one-stop service.

 3.2 Advanced video transcoding technology

⑴.The transcoding server cluster uses distributed transcoding and media-flow smart slice transcoding to simultaneously transcode one video via multiple servers and one video sliced into multiple sections via one or more servers, which improves the transcoding efficiency by 150%+.

⑵.It supports many transcoding formats, includingH.264, H.265, MPEG4, etc. Based on the high-quality video transcoding algorithm for scenario optimization, PSNR may increase by 1.5~2dB under the same bit-rate, namely the same bandwidth loss, and the same picture quality may save the flow bandwidth by 10%~30%, which may realize narrow-band high-definition transcoding and save the bandwidth cost by 20%+.

 3.3 Video transcoding monitor system

The transcoding monitor system monitors the transcoding status and schedule on a real-time basis. It makes reports and gives alarms if transcoding goes wrong or if the video quality is not satisfactory.

 3.4 Video transcoding scheduling system

When the server operates under high load, the transcoding scheduling system actively makes requests for resources to other servers in the cluster, or it will stop the transcoding task with a lower priority and give CPU resources to those tasks with a higher priority.

 4. Product functions

 4.1 Flexible transcoding

Assign different transcoding template groups to each source video, output 1-N transcoding results, and support multi-bitrate adaption and 1000+ transcoding servers, each of which supports 8-way transcoding.

 4.2 Offline transcoding

Support live and VOD offline transcoding, share responsibility for server’s transcoding tasks, and save users’ flow bandwidth.

 4.3 Real-time live transcoding

Support real-time live flow transcoding, and realize recording and replay in a live process, which is convenient for users to watch a video in the case that live broadcast is missed.

 4.4 Transcoding performance

Use distributed transcoding and media-flow smart slice transcoding, and utilize server resources to the largest extent, to realize efficient transcoding.

 4.5 Multi-terminal uploading

Support uploading from many terminals such as web, Android, iOS, and server, sliced uploading, and intermittent uploading.

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