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 With more than 10-year R & D experience in video terminal products and rich video terminal product types, including digital TV set-top boxes series, Android series and IOS deeply customized web players, we can provide clients with terminal solution integrating hardware, system and application.


Product Strengths

① Watching record : After the user logs in account, the product can make cloud sync and record schedule of the latest three playing records.

② Optimized storage : While playing a video, the user can choose to download it through customization; user could enjoy video smoothly even without network.

③ Playing without pause : With network transmission technology developed by SVI, the user can play videos without pause.

④ Full 4K display support : The product supports high definition, super definition 720p, 1,080 p and 4 K definition; user can switch definition intelligently and watch videos fluently based on network environment.

⑤ Accurate dragging : While user is playing video on demand, the product can respond to the user’s dragging video timeline very quickly so as to enjoy dragging pleasure fluently.

⑥ Audio track switch : The product supports multi-audio track playing, 5.1 sound channel playing and multi-language switch so as to meet demands of users from different countries and their high sound quality enjoyment.

⑦ Real-time caption : The product can provide real-time caption sync services so player can scan and detect audio frequency automatically and output the caption to interface if the video source has no any caption information.

Product Functions

① Multi-chip support : The product supports various scheme choices, including various chip schemes, such as Amlogic, Sunplus, Ali and Hisi in order to shorten video buffer time and accelerate playing speed.

② Multi-terminal Playing : The player supports PC, MAC, digital TV set-top box, Android, iOS, PAD and iPAD multi-platform playing and provides more excellent life service.

③ Multi-protocol Support : The product supports various transmission protocol playing of various mainstream videos, such as HTTP, HLS and RTMP.

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