OTT Video CDN Solution

       It has integrated strong audio and video processing capacities, and provides one-stop video services, ranging from video on demand (VOD), flexible access to live broadcast, rapid transcoding, top-speed distribution to smooth playback, etc.

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 Function introduction


 1. Memory

 It is able to store unstructured data of any quantity and format into the object storage cluster, and manage and process the data there; support standard Restful API interfaces, convenient for rapid start.

 2. Video on demand

① Upload videos : It is able to provide multiple ways such as local documents uploading, URL documents pulling, and API uploading; adapt to the demand for uploading in various scenarios.

② Video management : It is able to control video documents through administration console or API, including classification, adding tags, and other operations. All messages may be exported for view.

③ Video transcoding : It is able to set different transcoding formats to perfectly match different scenarios.

④ Video distribution : It is able to access the URL link address for video playback rapidly; support rapid CDN distribution.

⑤ Security : It is able to provide such security features as black and white lists, playback password, and security chain to protect user’s videos at the greatest extent.

⑥ Statistic characteristic : It is able to provide plentiful fine-grained statistic characteristics, including time dimension and other details; view video release data rapidly; assess the release effect.

⑦ UGC : UGC is a function of client video uploading, which supports an end user to upload rapidly a short video to the cloud.

⑧ Custom-developed : It is able to provide Web/Android/iOS player SDK, to help Clients rapidly construct their highly customized video release ability of full platform.

Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd.

 3. Live broadcast

① Live access : It is able to support the live source access technology in HLS/RTMP protocol.

② Live distribution : It is able to support FLV, HLS, and RTMP distribution.

③ Flexible API : It is able to provide API functions, including live channels creating, modifying, searching, etc. It is able to integrate into the self-contained video content management system seamlessly.

④ Recording support : It is able to support recording live broadcast via API, and the recorded video directly accesses the VOD platform.

⑤ Multi-bitrate support : It is able to provide rapid and reliable format conversion, and support the multi-bitrate transcoding and watermark adding of live broadcast.

⑥ Mobile client SDK: It is able to provide Android/iOS push flow and player SDK for integration into the self-contained application, to realize push flow and playback.

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