ADP—OTT Advertising Solution

 1. Product introduction

 Independently developed by Sowell, ADP solution is a new-generation smart interactive advertisement platform and a new-generation digital TV advertisement platform of all media and full services.

 This platform, characterized by high flexibility, reliability, security, extensibility, and ultra-high integrated operation capacity, supports advertising layout management, advertising decision-making, operation analysis, and other functions, involving the oriented advertising capacity, interaction capacity, consolidated reporting capacity, and user behavior analysis capacity, etc.

 It supports many advertising types such as bi-directional web advertising, bi-directional VOD pre-movie advertising, and APP advertising, and its content types include picture, text, video, etc. Besides, its showing types are also diversified, including embedded type, pop-out, jump, floating, full screen, and split screen.

 It supports advertising space management, and may be flexibly extended. Frequently-used advertising spaces include: turn-on ads, channel switching ads, volume bar ads, corner ads, marquee ads and other traditional ad spaces;

 The analysis results of ad analysis system may act as the basis for oriented and precise advertising, which enables radio and television operators to cover all services, channels, periods, and users, for the purpose of improving the ad operation capacity and ad centralized control capacity, creating novel ad operation mode, greatly increasing ad operation revenue, and providing a powerful management backend and rapid direct access for operators' centralized profits.

 System architecture is given below: (PS: Change it into the architecture mode of cloud start, by changing Oracle to DB):

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①  All-media covering, including TV screen, PAD screen, and mobile phone screen.

②  Bi-directional ads unified platform management.

③  Relatively independent, simple access, no effects on other systems.

④  Seamlessly cover all media, services, channels, periods, and users.

⑤  Support live broadcast service, value-added service, VOD service, etc.

⑥  Precise advertising, distributing the geography, population distribution, user experience, and other information to specific population or individuals.

⑦  Interaction: An audience can use the remote controller to access the ad sites for detailed product information by clicking icons on TV screen or to submit an information-seeking request to the system. Audience can click Back to the current program at an appropriate time.

⑧  Consolidated reporting capacity. It can help operators accurately and effectively assess the value of an ad period and timely adjust the period inventory. Therefore, in future, an advanced advertising system may provide advertisers and operators with various kinds of detailed advertising reports, just as the internet system does.

 2. Function introduction of solution to OTT advertising

 2.1 Diversified metadata access

 ADP platform supports the metadata access to traditional advertisements such as movie and episode ads. It also supports metadata access to live channels and portal column information. The system has a function of metadata management, so that advertisement layout personnel may manage the metadata easily through visual interface. Moreover, the system supports API to access metadata information.

 2.2 Diversified advertisement access

 The system supports access of various ad materials, including picture, text, ZIP package, video, etc., and provides ad space management. Materials may be associated with corresponding ad spaces, via ad layout, and flexibly scheduled.

 2.3 Oriented and precise advertising

 The advertising system may realize oriented regional advertising and precise advertising, by obtaining users profile information from a large data platform.

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