Overseas operation  
Overseas Marketing Promotion

I.Advertisement operation

(1. Advertisement platform

       SVI has covered 300,000 overseas users in Chinese language and 2,000,000 overseas mainstream users through its self-established content operation platform. It can provide advertisement services based on video business in forms of image ads, video ads, embedded ads, presenting the operation contents of advertiser to overseas users in a quick and precise way by TV terminal and mobile terminal product.

(2. Locking target customers precisely

       We analyze the habits and characteristics of different users using big data platform, so as to lock target users, follow up and present the putting of advertisements, and realize largest improvement of value and efficiency of advertisement putting for advertisers.

II.Online marketing services

(1. Marketing cooperation

       We have rich experience in promotion of videos on search engine, community, social platform, news medias, we have variety of cooperation resources in various network promotion channels global wide and established long term cooperation relationship with more than 500 news medias, more than 300 high quality social groups, more than 50 live broadcast web celebrity agencies in worldwide. Through the self-established marketing management system, we can provide our partners with fast, efficient overseas online promotion services, helping them to cover their major target groups.

(2. Marketing analysis

       We have advanced data analysis system, using which we can analyze the source of users precisely and focus on the changing ratio of users, through which we can have more user-specific marketing. Meanwhile, we have a comprehensive marketing management platform of multi- channel for promotion, on which, we can accelerate the effect of user changing through a series of marketing processes such as integrating users, improving users activeness, marketing changing, user services etc..

(3. Tracking of changing effect

       We have powerful data mining team that can dig more valuable users among the promotion and marketing data, and have follow-up marketing activities for valuable users.

III.Offline marketing services

(1. Offline promotion channels

       We serve for overseas operators, physical retail stores with our products and we have established a long-term cooperation relationship with newspaper media, Chinese societies, schools, intermediary organs etc., through which, we can help customers to implement their offline promotion schemes and improve their popularity in local regions in a short time.

(2. Offline marketing activities

       Assist the advertisement partner in customizing innovative schemes and help customers with whole process services from planning to execution to improve the effect of customer’s non-local operation activities and handling capability.

(3. Multi-directional advertisement coverage

       We provide comprehensive local advertisement channels to help customers in improving their band value from all aspects such as ground advertisement, network advertisement, video advertisement, newspapers, magazine, outdoor media and other medias.

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