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1. First beat of the Badminton Association

       At 9:00 on May 28, 2016, Shenzhen SVI Technology as an important customer of DHL was invited to participate in the second session of the "DHL Customers Badminton Tournament". The badminton team was just established for two weeks, completing the first show of badminton tournament in the history of SVI under the leadership of Qing Zhen from the Marketing Department.

       Luohu Stadium as the venue witnessed the bustling competition scene and a hot cheerleaders dance in the opening ceremony. The tournament set up men's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles, and ranked according to group points. There were ups and downs on the competition scene, and players competed each other and strived hard, contributing relatively fierce fighting. Due to a great disparity in strength among the teams, SVI team did not qualify as the final stage, but the process brought happiness; players and cheerleaders gave play to the spirit of friendship first, competition second and making friends through balls, encouraging all the players on the scene and fully enjoying the happiness brought by the game. Here, we give special thanks to the Company for its strong support and to the players and cheerleaders for their efforts.

2. Training summary on the "R & D Team Management Practice"

       On July 16, the Company organized the R & D personnel to attend the one-day "R & D Team Management Practice" external training course, which was instructed by Wen Huanlin, a senior teacher of Shenzhen Zhongtian Huaxia. The course contents cover:

① Self - cognition and career planning

② Management connotation and relationships among responsibility, rights and interests

③ Management role cognition

④ Business objectives and stakeholders management

⑤ Planning and process control

⑥ Technology accumulation and knowledge management

       A total of 32 colleagues from SVI participated in the study.

       During the teaching, Teacher When fully mobilized the classroom atmosphere through case analysis, interaction and other forms. Trainees actively participated in answering questions and responded actively. Meanwhile, the site also reflected an eased mood and a relaxed state of each trainee; the lecturer summed up his years of actual combat experience in the enterprise into practical and effective methods and cases, connected theory with practice and fully exchanged and shared with trainees, while trainees were actively involved in the course, studied very seriously and made positive feedback on the instructor's questions, thereby achieving the desired results in the curriculum. We look forward to the Company to create more opportunities for us, so that we learn and progress.

3. Travel

2016 - Tour to Nankunshan

Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd.

4. You’re not alone on your birthday when with us

Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd.

5. Activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen SVI Technology Co., Ltd.

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